Body Guard

Body Guard

Do you want close protection? we provide quality armed and unarmed bodyguards that will protect you and your family, your employees, your client or any person you wish to seek protection for.

If you need a vigilant staff, we have bodyguards who have gained experience working with the most complex and challenging security tasks. Our bodyguard ensure complete satisfaction is delivered to you, by becoming your shadow!

There can be various reasons you need a bodyguard, high-level executives, high profile people are often holding threats from criminals, mentally ill persons, fans and other harassment concerns too. Our efficient bodyguard understands this challenging environment and can safeguard your lives.


At Kshipra, we understand how important it can be sometimes to seek close protection. Therefore, for all kind of possible threats in the environment, we have our bodyguards to get your secured.

They are impeccable and physically fit, mentally attentive, holding the highest level of expertise. They demonstrate the kind of security protection that will safeguard you from numerous circumstances.

In any case that involves high security, be it for celebrity, public figure, high profile clients or even estate and residential security. Kshipra is the leading and smart choice. Our bodyguards use high-level modern security equipment and are available round the clock to meet your needs.