Security Guard

Security Guard Solutions

We are the leading provider of security service with our diversified solution that spread across the security spectrum. At Kshipra, our security professional understands the specialized needs the customer environment has. This way, we can help you protect your space, be it business, bank, school, industrial or residential places. Not only we protect places or things, but we also keep strict supervision for the people.

Our security guards are professionally trained and hold the position of 'security officer’ offering the largest and most efficient solution to you. We cover a large range of clients as well as industry, this adds to our experience and therefore makes us a qualified choice.

Training & Professionalism Guaranteed

When Kshipra offers a security guard for your space protection, we ensure only well-trained professionals deal with you. Be it any kind of security circumstances, our security guards are well trained to handle any situation and control it systematically. Moreover, they are also equipped with the latest safety instruments and technology, in case of emergency, they are well aware of its functioning.

Our team of professionals are well aware of using modern technology, along with knowledge of self-defensetechniques. We are a complete package, that not only offer the best security service but is available 24X7, just for you.